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by on August 6, 2022

Forbidden Land of Eureka in FFXIV is an unpredictable land, where we can get excellent equipment and a lot of crystals to help us strengthen equipment, destroy enemies, and get Final Fantasy XIV Gil . Now I'm going to tell you a few good gears to choose from.

Hydatos Battleaxe

The Hydatos Battleaxe is a very powerful weapon. It is also very suitable for the Warrior Class. We can deal high magic damage with this weapon. At the same time, it also needs to consume our a Pyros shield and 50 Hydatos crystals, and the difficulty of making it is not simple.

Hydatos Lance

Hydatos Lance is very suitable for Dragoon class. Similar to all other Hydatos weapons in FFXIV, it can also deal massive magic damage. Like the Hydatos Battleaxe, this Lance also boosts the player's health and strength by a large amount. If you want to craft it, you need to consume a Pyros shield and 50 Hydatos crystals

Hydatos Guillotine

Hydatos Guillotine will be a great fit for Dark Knight, Hydatos Guillotine's one-shot kill weapon. Your Dark Knight will have massive spell damage and can fight like beasts in battle. Also players need 50 Hydatos Crystals and a Pyros Guillotine to get the weapon.

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