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by on July 31, 2022

What ever Covenant the player chooses to use for his or her character within WOW WoTLK Classic Gold, any character can traverse these four worlds in the World of Warcraft WotLK Classic and engage in activities. Often, activities like killing rare enemies in these areas can result in rare and valuable loot, as well as some of the finest mounts. A realm in the World of Warcraft WotLK Classic is Ardenweald where the location is under the control of the Night Fae Covenant. The Night Fae are considered Guardians of The Cycle of Life and Death in nature, which sets them apart from Kyrians that deal with human souls and creatures of the humanoid variety.

In Ardenweald in Ardenweald, players will find five treasure chests in which they can explore and find. What makes these treasure chests stand in comparison to other treasure chests is the positions: they appear over the trees or rocks and is not accessible without some assistance. Players will need to use a Bounding Shroom, which acts as a bounce pad, in order to reach it. Find out the exact location for each Faerie Stash chest, and how to access them all in World of Warcraft WotLK Classic.

Players can earn Renown until they reach rank 40. At rank 40 players gain access to all the greatest features and rewards available. The most straightforward method of earning Renown is to further through the Covenant's story after the player has joined. Players will need to go through dungeons, quests, and quests to progress forward, and each Covenant has a different sequence of tasks, based upon their personalities and goals. Every chapter that a player goes through will earn them a new Renown rank-up. It's unlikely that gamers will have the ability complete this every week however, since many quests won't be unlocked until the player has attained a certain Renown rank.

To reach those needed Renown ranks, players receive two weekly quests , in combination with the Covenant's narrative campaign. Each quest earns one Renown rank-up. The first will most of the time require placing 1000 Anima into The Covenant's reservoir at Sanctum. Any Anima players have prior to the quest going live at the beginning of the week won't count towards the quantity required. Instead, players will need to cultivate Anima by either using their Covenant's area or by doing other quests, picking up, or even hunting rare spawns.

The players will discover five Faerie Stashes scattered throughout Ardenweald and each one is a part of one of the five zones of the realm. The Stashes that are typically found in Star Lake Amphitheater, Dreamsong Fenn, along with Furrowed Glen will appear on formations of rock above ground. The Stashes at Shrouded Mire and Darkreach will appear within trees. The exact location of the Stash can vary for the different players at different times, but in general, there are some points that players can use in order to reach a sufficient distance to see the stash and its associated Bounding Shroom.

To make use of the Bounding Shroom, players simply have to walk on it. Then, their character will be launched into the air, allowing them to fall back to the ground, with a focus on the rock or tree formation which holds the treasure.Players do not have to make use of the Bounding Shrooms. Instead, they can enter Hibernal Hollow and find a container of Faerie powder. The powder can be used and double jump to be able to fly for approximately 2 minutes as long as they don't touch the ground or touch the surroundings with WoTLK Gold. The majority of rewards from treasure chests are just random drops. Most often, the players come across Gold. In some cases, they might also come across useful items.

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