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by on September 17, 2020

Learning how to use the Tire Repair Tool Kitsis an essential skill for every car owner. If an expert is not near to fix it, and for some reason, you do not have a spare one, dealing with a flat is best done with a repair kit, so you should always have it among the things you keep in your car.

Let’s face it, tires get punctured from time to time. No matter how large, solid or new they are, these things happen, and sometimes far from home or any help. Apart from solving the current problem, you can spare yourself from buying a new one once you arrive home. Tires are not cheap, so learning how to fix one can save you some money, especially since they can be repaired permanently using plug equipment. And the best part is that you can do it in 15 minutes.

Get The Right Tools and Supplies – Plug Equipment

Besides the original tools for removing tires from the vehicle, like impact wrench and torque wrench, valve stem tools, chock, pliers, and vehicle jack, you will need plug equipment for flat ones. It contains a rasp utensil, an insert apparatus, two hex keys, string plugs and a tub of sealing lubricant.

The latest types of these kits are much easier to handle. They can be two-step kits containing a bottle of repair sealant for tires and an inflator, which are used by injecting the sealant into the puncture and then attaching the inflator to fill it with air.

On the other hand, one-step kits are used by simply attaching the hose which simultaneously injects the sealant and air. Make sure you choose the right-sized repair kit, as larger vehicles require more sealant and more powerful inflators.

With the right tools, you can fix the problem.

The Most Important Step – Locating the Hole to Mark It for Repair
Finding the puncture is the first and foremost step. If the crack is in the sidewall, you should not try to use plugs on it, as that part is under different pressure and can cause it to blow. You will have to remove the flat tire from the car and replace it with a spare one, using the original tools your car is equipped with.

If you can easily see the cause of it, then your job will be more straightforward. However, if that is not the case, you will have to spray some soapy water on it to check for bubbles, which will show you where the air is coming out. If there is an object inside, mark the place and take it out with pliers.

Once you find where the crack is, you can fix it with proper equipment.

Removing the Tire and the Valve Stem Core is the Next Step
To take the flat tire off, you will have to work with a vehicle jack to elevate the car above the ground. Make sure you have found the right lifting points to place the jack to avoid damaging the car. Do not crawl under the car under no circumstances, as these hand jacks are not safe enough.

Remove the wheel lugs using an impact wrench and impact socket and place them somewhere safe in order not to lose them. Remove the valve stem core with a valve stem tool to deflate it, and, again, keep it somewhere safe. That way, the tool will be able to fit in.

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