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by on June 24, 2022

The Universe is standing by 24/7. Be needy if you need to be. Shout. Whisper. Don’t let up. Get up and ask Life for guidance tomorrow and for all tomorrows. Pray to whomever you pray to. The faith of your family, the God you trust, Mother Nature, your parent on the other side, angels, the Universe. And believe that they are not only waiting for your call, but they exist to assist, support, guide and cheer you on. Your needs are the vocation of these forces. That’s faith. And it’s been known to move mountains.


His interviews have featured in several leading media houses. They include the Hindustan Times, Huffington Post, BBC, and Network 18. He has interviewed almost every famous person. In the country from Mother Teresa to Muhammad Ali. His first book is just out. It’s titled Moryaa Re! It is a crime thriller that is perhaps the country’s first police procedural. He began his career covering crime. And in a tribute to his experience and knowledge of this beat.

Several distinguished officers of the Mumbai Police and its Crime Branch collaborated with him to make this book possible. In a statement of friendship for Mark Manuel and admiration for his work, Amitabh Bachchan wrote the forward.

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