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by on June 24, 2022

Fate is a great equalizer…

… Knowing you are alone in the custody of the judicial system, despite your commitment to stay with those who said they would be by your side no matter what must be dreadful. A remand in police custody is only marginally less humiliating than being at the mercy of the courts. Interrogating the accused at odd hours and denying sleep is the way many crimes are solved. And it is this sentence that the Alibaug Police is seeking in Raigad Court.

To be aware that you are out of your depth here, because the judicial deprives the security of your studio, the familiarity of your chamchas running around in servitude, The ‘Yes Men’ who appear on your show and let you speak freely – for a price, of course. You don’t even have a cell phone and don’t have any backup. You can’t even speak with your lawyers. To wait for news on your case: You are The News!

And also that your political allies are much more occupied elsewhere than to care about your woes. Those on whose shoulders you flexed your muscle. Suddenly mum. It’s more important to know who wins the White House. The elections in Bihar are more relevant. The decision to open schools and religious shrines after Diwali was a much bigger one.  There were greater ramifications for the country in West Bengal, J&K, Kerala, and Punjab than your incarceration. So learn to lump it together.

Missing the comfort of family. People who are experiencing life as it was never intended. Egotistically, one might think for the better. However, they must cringe each time they leave home. Humdrum family life is denied them. Conceit is God’s gift to little men. Not everyone chooses their battles carefully. Sachin Tendulkar’s fame did not rob his family of their privacy. Popularity is not notoriety. To know all this is one thing. It is another to accept it.

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