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jtr luis
by on May 24, 2022

As a result of the leakage of the lubrication system, the poor sealing, the long-lasting thermal load of the oil, and also the open oil storage, the moisture will certainly penetrate right into the oil, causing water in the lubricating oil.

Due to the leakage of the lubrication system, the entry of particles and dust in the air, as well as the long-term operation of the lubricating oil under high temperature and water content will inevitably lead to part of the oil cracking and metamorphic to precipitate colloidal substances.

Risks of water, gas and also pollutants in lubricating oil:
The oil is rapidly oxidized and worn away to form acid compounds, which corrode the steel get in touch with surface;
The precipitation of additives in the oil fails, the thickness of the oil lubricating film is reduced, and the wear of the mechanical contact surface is aggravated;
The oil lubrication, cooling and flow properties are reduced, which accelerates the fatigue of the metal surface;
Ice crystals that form at reduced temperatures obstruct the component;

If you want to replace the oil, the negative aspect is that the cost is very high. High-precision lubricating oil filtration is feasible. A lubricating oil filter can be acquired to filter the lubricating oil with high precision.

Utilizing lube oil filters to remove impurities such as steel particles from spoiled lube oil is both effective and economical.

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