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by on January 6, 2022

In medicine, most of the people who are infected with the new type of coronavirus pneumonia will have a condition similar to fever and cold, and high fever will occur in the middle and late stages, and more serious cases will lead to respiratory difficulties. If you touch a patient who is suspected of having the disease, it is proposed to carry out home protection close contact according to the regulations to see if there are 快速測試診所 of infection after 14 days, this period does not have to go out, there is no need to panic, to improve self-protection.

What are the new items for the detection of new coronavirus pneumonia?

There are some patients with new coronavirus pneumonia who usually have symptoms of burning and dry cough, and there are also some patients who have a mild illness. In most cases, diagnostic chest imaging or routine blood tests are used to diagnose neovirus pneumonia based on the test results. However, the diagnosis depends on the detection of the nucleic acid of the virus and the detection of the antigen that is likely to be produced.

Chest radiography can also be used as a confirmatory test for new coronavirus pneumonia. In fact, chest radiographs are also very effective, along with a summary of the accumulated cases, in detecting new coronavirus pneumonia with a lack of photography on the CT side of the lung, which is scattered around.

Generally also according to the chest CT to check, mainly the aspect of the chest CT after each scanner, after each chest CT scan, can see some chest X-ray examination or thinner black shadow invisible part, that can remind the patient initial detection of new coronavirus pneumonia. If you feel that your body is suspected of being infected, it is recommended that you go to a hospital outpatient clinic for Dna testing to determine if you are infected with new coronavirus pneumonia.

What is the process for selecting a patient with neo-coronavirus pneumonia?

In general, the first test to determine if you have the new coronavirus is the Dna test. The percentage of neo-coronavirus in the patient's blood night is not very high, so to identify patients with neo-coronavirus pneumonia based on blood tests is either low, most likely resulting in only 15% to 20%.

Today the scientific and technical personnel of everyone's country also did a lot of related work in. The human body produces antibodies to coronavirus infection, and the new coronavirus antigens IgM and IgG can be detected according to the blood night, but the patient will first develop IgM only after 5 odd days of sensing the new coronavirus, and then the IgG will most likely occur. activity and sensitivity

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