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by on November 26, 2021

Mahomes has five turnovers during the game, which included three Madden nfl 22 coins interceptions and two forfumbles. Mahomes' s conservative approach against Eagles wasn't working because, once the Eagles were down during the first quarter Mahomes began to throw more forcefully which resulted in two interceptions.

The Eagles put up 28 points in the fourth quarter to win the victory.

In week 5, the Chiefs are back to home field for Sunday Night Football, taking on the Buffalo Bills. The kickoff time is 7:20 p.m. Arrowhead time, and we will once again present the game's matchup ahead of time via the EA Universe.

Lions against. Bears: 2022 Madden simulation

In last week's Madden simulation and the Detroit Lions nearly pulled off the win over the Baltimore Ravens if it weren't for an absolutely bananas ending which you can't even create a the script for.

With less than a minute remaining and less than a minute to go, the Ravens were in danger of scoring two more points for the Lions. Lamar Jackson scrambled up the middle of the field and towards the goal line but he dropped the ball just before he fell into the end zone. The Lions made a comeback however, on the next play, Detroit was tackled for a safety, reducing the lead to only two, and the ball was handed back to the Ravens. Justin Tucker would kick the winning touchdown with only a few seconds remaining.

It turned out that strange, unpredictability ending was nothing in common with the real ending.

What's to come in this week's Madden simulation when we pit the Detroit Lions against the flailing Chicago Bears? Who will we choose to start at the quarterback spot for Chicago?

The only way to discover the solution is to join us at 10:30 AM ET. ET Saturday morning, join us as we simulate the game and hold a Lions Q&A.

Three lessons learned from the Cowboys Vs. Panthers Madden Simulation

The Dallas Cowboys logged their first win in the Madden season, defeating the Carolina Panthers 28-21 behind a solid offensive. Ezekiel Elliott was the dominant player on the ground while Dak Prescott was performing surgical throws. The cheap Mut 22 coins victory was Dallas Prescott's first victory of the Madden simulated season, but what else did it tell us?

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