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by on November 26, 2021

Do you enjoy casual games of gop? Are you tired of the noobs leaving your team and going to 2v5 (and even more importantly, you're not able to quit because there is an extra 10 minutes of penalty). Are you fed up with OSRS Gold teams of players practicing together, while you are in a group that has four people you've never seen?

Great Orb Project needs two separate worlds. Not just f2p and member, but for two separate types of games. There's no reason why people shouldn't join teams with those they know and have good team work with. They just shouldn't be playing against more casual players who are playing their team-mates for the very first time.

There must be a clan game where two to five players can play. A different universe is needed where you can't join yellow or green immediately, but you have to join one the blue wizards to be on a random team. A penalty of 2 minutes would be inflicted for disagreement with the team that you were randomly assigned to. Other players can quit and rejoin once they find the right team.

The tokens must be distributed at the end of each game. It is possible to receive the tokens you want even if your connection is lost or you lose connectivity half way through the game. I just literally lost 20+ games in a row this morning, and when we finally had a chance to win the game, I lag out in the middle of the fire altar.

I hope that because this is the "official year of the update for Runescape," they'll eliminate all those bugs like invisible barriers, and Buy Old School RuneScape Gold scoring errors. A quarter of games have been incorrectly scored as per my experience. Yesterday, the score stated that I had won two games while my team-mate had taken home one. The team should have received credit for three games. I wasn't surprised that the score was not as high (it happens often and I've come expect it) but the reality that on the same team there was a descrepency was a real annoyance to me.

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