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Vinctor Chan
by on November 25, 2021

Do you want to make a move special for the son’s wedding and also the new couples’ life? Here are 8 roles and duties for that mother from the groom, that people hope you are likely to find useful.

1. Invite the bride to be’s parents to dinner

The very first thing you should do because the mother from the groom would be to plan a dinner together with his fiancée’s parents and also have a formal but simple introduction using the family from the bride. This will give both families a chance to get to know one another. Listening to their ideas and looking for common ground with regards to the wedding preparations can be achieved during the dinner. So now may be the time to use your communication skills and express your sincerity for the family from the bride, which can make your son’s wedding better still from the beginning towards the end. You can also make use of the dinner as a chance to decide the date of the couple’s wedding.

2. Spread this news to your loved ones and friends

After your son’s wedding preparations have started you can spread the news from the wedding through Facebook, calls, emails, or texts and also have general communication together with your side from the family about your son’s wedding. You can also discuss the marriage preparations and get outside assistance from your relatives in the marriage preparation process. You can divide the preparations among your close relatives, which can also help you reduce the cost for the son’s wedding as you've more people to assist with organizing the marriage so you won’t require the services of the wedding organizer.

3. Let the couple know of the family, cultural, and religious traditions

It is essential to let the brand new couple know whether you will find any wedding traditions within their family background culturally and religiously that they must consider while planning their marriage ceremony and reception. Sometimes, the household, culture, and religious traditions can impact factors like picking a feeltimes wedding dress colors for that bride and groom, wedding venue, and reception food. So the parents of the groom, especially mom should advise the couple concerning the traditions they're supposed to follow for his or her wedding.

4. Put a guest list together

Since it's your son’s wedding, he and the partner would be the ones to finalize the guestlist for his or her wedding. But you the groom’s mom might help the couple by making a complete guest list of your loved ones' members. But before you invite everyone from the household, you need to ask your son concerning the estimated quantity of guests they can easily afford before finalizing the guest list to prevent inviting so many people. Additionally, you can also get in touch together with your son’s partner’s family about who’s on the list and manage the tricky task of limiting the guest list accordingly.

5. Help available

As a brand new couple, your son and the partner are going to be anxious regarding their wedding, and also, since they don't have the experience while planning their wedding they require your help on the way. So one of the important duties for you would be to ask the brand new couple if you can enable them to in any way and just how they want you to be involved. You could let the brand new couple, as well as your future in-laws, realize that you’re available to assist, for example, financial support, hosting the marriage and reception parties, deciding the marriage venue, and providing effective information concerning the best caterers, vendors, florists, etc.

6. Decide the attire

As the groom’s mother, it is obvious that you play a central role in the life, as well as on his big day, your attire ought to be in sync using the theme, style, and color from the wedding. Generally speaking, you can go shopping after your son and the fiancée made the ultimate decision on the marriage style. Then ask the bride to be what outfit her mother will wear on that day. It would be better still if she will send you a photograph of her mother’s mother of the bride dresses so that you can have an idea of what she’s wearing and also you don’t accidentally wind up wearing the same dress as the son’s mother-in-law.

Also, the color for both mothers’ dresses ought to be different, however, the length could be the same. That is why your dress ought to be approved by the bride to be and you may ask the bride to be to accompany you for purchasing the dress.

7. Be a guest in the bridal shower

As the groom’s mother, you need to attend the bride-to-be’s shower, having a warm smile along with a thoughtful gift.

As a mom-in-law to become, you can ask the bride to be when and where the bridal shower is going to be held, making it important in your schedule which means you don’t miss the big event. Since you're about to be a family you can also welcome and greet guests along with the bride-to-be. Bring a present that matches the theme of the party. Of course, it doesn’t have to become a very extravagant gift because there are going to be many other occasions to provide gifts to the bride-to-be. Budget accordingly so that you can leave more money for that other more main reasons of your son’s wedding.

8. Dance together with your son

One of the most important and traditional duties of the groom’s mother is the mom-son dance, which also is the special part of the wedding day for the mom and son. You can pick the song together with your son together, and exercise the dance ahead of the wedding.

Both you, as well as your son, will be excited while planning the marriage. As the mom, you can always be accessible when your son asks you to assist or financial support. Your support inside your son’s wedding can lead to a stronger mother-son bond between both of you.

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